(again, after another server move)
Hi potential-new-friends.

I'm Mark, another abandoner, here on for the first time proper, although I've poked it a few times over the years.

I've been since 2007, and miss the cameraderie, and -blogging approach to things. Hoping Mastodon can help scratch that itch.

I'm interested in , , , , , and more.

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@jaedia hellooooo! It’s been a hella long while!

@rel Somehow missed this in the noise :D how have you been?

@jaedia Yes fine thanks, life hasn't been terribly exciting! How about you?

@rel "Not terribly exciting" sounds peaceful as hell. Glad to hear! There's been all sorts since we last chatted I guess but overall good, just getting by and working things out and all that. :D

@jaedia I often think of the early days of our guild at the time, it was such a good time. Then it all went to shit 🤣 WoW’s never been the same since.

@rel Saaame! Pandaria really does stand out as some of my best WoW memories. Having everybody in one place was so nice. Have been on/off ever since, and the breaks last longer every time. xD Enjoying it right now, mind, and landed with some friends. But Yeah. I miss it!

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